Monthly Archives: June 2019

On this special day of your life I join the host of Heaven to celebrate a woman of Honour and a Friend. A Woman with a great character and attitude worth emulating. You are not just a Woman of God but a woman who have impacted in many the truth by which humanity should know. Words alone can not explain your worth and value. As you celebrate this special day may your life experience the release of fresh oil of anointing on you. The Almighty God will pour His blessings upon you. The things that had previously made you feel bad will make you laugh endlessly. Your hopes, good dreams and glorious expectations will surely manifest and translate fully to testimonies. The light of God will shine perpetually on you. May God’s abundant Grace and provisions locate you and stay with you everyday of your life. May Mary our Mother of Perpetual Help, intercede for you and bring to pass all your special intentions through Christ our Lord. AmenπŸ™
Happy Birthday to you. πŸŽ‚ 😘

❀ Some days are special, some days are dull, some days are sad-and then some days are extraordinarily mystical when God actually talks to you. You read a word, see an image, hear a piece of music, you smell a certain fragrance and your soul is touched by some divine reason or force which in your heart you know is the very breath of God. You are sure that He actually whispers to you.

This morning is such a moment for me-things often don`t make sense, then make absolute sense. Life is a contradiction -yet we carry on. Today it makes crystal clear sense and dosn`t whatsoever-an oxymoron, which dosn`t happen often. But the reason why these days happen so that we may reflect upon life deeply. It is a moment when time stands still so we may hear the voice of God.

We are reminded to look around and see our true purpose of being-which is to love one an other, to help one an other, to feel with one an other, to care for one an other. Life goes on in cycles-up and down, thus – bad, good, ugly, blessed, desperate, divine moments are all part of life. For we experience all six of these moment at different times in our lives. So manifest, be the very energy of “love” for it encompasses all these moments-and be the positive/consciousness aspect of “love” to those who maybe in one of the down cycles.