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Novena Novena Novena


Dear Brothers and sisters, 🙋🏻‍♂

We’re beginning the 9 days Novena in honour of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary this week* this novena will begin on 6th and ends  on 14th, the feast  is 15th * Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.*

Through a gradual process of sanctification we turn our focus away from self-love, towards God through our Blessed Mother Mary.

Please note. We need a single minded focus during the 9 days Novena. Interruptions during this Novena are unacceptable. To that effect, only Admin can send messages but the group shall be open from 6am –  9am and 6pm – 9pm daily. To continue our prayer Chain  count.
Prayers will be posted daily in English. If you’re not a member and you are interested, join the group. You can send the link to your friends to join in our daily prayers:

Follow this link to join first group:

Thank you.
Rev Fr Benjamin-Maria Igbinovia
Admin / Spiritual Director