A True life Story

A True life Story.

There was a man who had suffered the disease of aneurysm which according to Modern Medical Guide Book, U.S.A. nobody could just survive from this sickness. This man was confined in the hospital for several days unconscious. One of the man’s daughter asked the doctor concerning what will happen if her father will be operated. The doctor replied there is no sureness of recovery.  So, the father was brought to home. A few days later, the whole family decided to pray the holy rosary, daily. On the fifth day of praying the Rosary, the sick man arose from his bed, and he signed the cross on his body, he joined in praying. From that time on, he recovered his good health. The blessed Virgin Mary interceded for him to the Holy Trinity.

As I raise my hands to heaven today,  I decree and declare whoever that is sick, and whatever kind of sickness in your body, no matter what the doctor says, in name of Jesus Christ BE HEAL through the powerful intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the Angels and saints heaven. Amen

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